The one gesture that reinforced I give too much of myself.

I’m working to stop it.

Margaret Sitawa


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There is one common tongue we all know that describes these times. Specifically, this and year and the last. The pandemic era is the name. A time when touching, kissing, hugging, and overly the closeness of human beings became something to avoid.

Covid-19 made people stay indoors, refrain from seeing each other, and slowly stifled the world socially.

Last year, I found it difficult how things were, mostly the masks.

I like staying indoors but being forced to do so was not something I appreciated. Moreso, I missed the tight hugs but not so much the handshakes. We used to hug with friends when we met and colleagues at work, but now people look at you when you do. It is the forbidden fruit of sorts, especially when a colleague does it.

This year, things are more relaxed.

We moved from elbow bumps to fist bumps, and without gloves at that. It is a better contact because you would not know if someone will greet you or jab you with those elbow greetings.

My uncle from upcountry came to live in the city. He lives close to us, so we get to see each other more often. He is in his late fifties, lived in the rural areas, and has not done the fist bumps as commonly as we have. It also used to be a greeting before the pandemic. We did it among peers, and it was considered informal. A thing for the youth. So the elderly did not do it until the pandemic.

It is an art, how to grip your fingers, not too tightly. There is a way to place your hand and move it forward so that your recipient is not hurt. Also, there has to be a consideration on the distance your whole hand should go so that both the greeter and receiver meet each other halfway.

We met him one time at the supermarket, he was from work, and we had not seen him. He recognized us, and then we did too, and with that came the greeting part, the fist bump. We smiled after, wished each other a good evening, and went our way.

As we were coming from the supermarket going home, my sister said to me that our uncle greets people with a fist bump in a funny…



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